Welcome to the pictorial exercises.

These pages were originally created for a second year undergraduate science unit, though others may find them useful as a supplementary or preliminary resource. They have been designed to assist in understanding the basic topography of the central nervous system. In other words, they are supplementary to lab work. The pictures provided here will be helpful away from the lab. They are not a substitute for lab work!

There are some hints into the theoretical background and a few explanations, however. At every stage, as you identify the structures or locate them, ask yourself theoretical questions. Pure topographical knowledge is almost useless.

Follow the links on the left to visit individual pages. They begin with an overview and take you through surface features which are followed by the "slices".

It is advisable that you try to answer the questions based on the pictures before you check the answers! Well, some pages have few questions, and some none at all... The link to answers will open in a new window. Close the answers window to return to the picture and then proceed to the next by following the link in the left border.

Warning! The questions in these pages are designed to help you deduce information about these pictures. They are not necessarily samples of examination questions - in fact most of them are not. In lab examinations you will be expected to identify labelled structures with some functional/theoretical background.

If you have any questions/difficulties, feel free to send me an email : avinash@anhb.uwa.edu.au.