This diagram is for orientation to the brain slices. Remember that these are rough guidelines only!

Locate the parts of the lateral ventricles in the frontal, parietal, occipital and temporal lobes. Notice the relationship of the corpus callosum to the anterior horn and the body. The posterior parts of the lateral ventricles diverge from each other, away from the midline, whereas the corpus callosum (here the splenium) is near the midline.

The third ventricle is a narrow slit in the median plane. It is the cavity of the diencephalon. Note its relative position between the parietal and temporal parts of the lateral ventricles - it tells you that the third ventricle and the thalamus would be seen in coronal slices that include these parts of the lateral ventricle.

Remember that caudate nucleus follows the concavity of the lateral ventricle. Its large head bulges in the anterior (frontal) horn. It rapidle tapers in the region of the body (parietal part) of the ventricle, is not seen in relation to the occipital horn, and is in the form of a very thin tail in the roof of the temporal horn.