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This slice passes through the Optic chiasm (O). The curved white bundle (AC) is the anterior commissure and 'F' is the fornix as it descends to the mamillary body. A look at a medial surface of the brain will tell us that this is therefore anterior to the interventricular foramen.

It is far too anterior through the temporal lobe to show the inferior horn of the lateral ventricle. 

Our old friends the caudate nucleus and the lentiform are very much in attendance and we can also see the grey connection between the putamen and the caudate nucleus.



This section passes through the interventricular foramen (of Monro) - shown by the double-geaded arrow. It is therefore a little posterior to the previous one. This foramen is just under the anterior end of the thalamus which is therefore still rather small here. The slice cuts tangentially through the column of fornix as it curves down by the side of the thrid ventricle.The optic tracts are diverging now (O).

The amygdala are seen in the temporal lobe, but there is no sign of the inferior horn of the ventricle - it is still posterior to the plane of this section.