I shall spare you the questions this time!

This section appears very similar to the last one. Note that the ventricle is 'opened out' now. This is clearly the rostral medulla.

The olivary nuclei and the tracts close to the midline are more-or-less the same as in the last section, one still sees some olivary fibres crossing over.

In the floor of the fourth ventricle the hypoglossal nuclear area is seen as an elevation, with the vagal area lateral to it. Still laterally, outlined in blue, is the eighth nerve nuclear complex - the cochlear nuclei 'spilling'over to the surface of the cereballar peduncle.

The peduncle (black outline) is the inferior cerebellar - well-defined at this level, on its way to the cerebellum.

The black line near the midline in the right half of the picture is an artefact! - Most likely to be a fold in the thin section as it was spread on to the slide during preparation.