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For the Year 2008, this unit has largely migrated to WebCT.
Avinash's "CNS - pictorial guide" (see link on the left) will be available on the A&HB server.

If the URL to these pages changes, it will be announced on WebCT.

This unit considers the development, gross anatomy and cellular organisation of the brain and spinal cord and examines the structural and functional organisation of major sensory and motor pathways. Attention is also paid to an understanding of some contemporary issues in neuroscience including neural plasticity, memory, ageing and regeneration. The evolutionary perspective is added by an introduction to comparative structure.

Laboratory classes allow both self-paced and supervised examination of the human brain. Examples of the increasingly complex methods for observing and studying the human brain are introduced.

This website is designed as a supplement to lectures and laboratory sessions. It will evolve as the unit progresses. The general information pages are reproduced from the unit manual. Lecture notes or PowerPoint files will be uploaded as they are available. Links to iLectures are posted as they become available. Note that for the Wednesday lecture there are no in-house iLecture recording facilities. Whenever possible the lectures at this venue will be recorded in audio format and sent to the iLecture team for conversion to digital format.

The website also provides an easy-to-navigate pictorial guide to the human nervous system. This is intended to be an aid to learning and does not claim to cover all core material.

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