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all tissues

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epithelia and glands

vascular system

connective tissues

integumentary system

skeletal tissues

oral cavity and alimentary canal

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respiratory system

nervous tissue

lymphoid organs and tissues



reproductive and urinary systems

eye (working, but under construction)


The quiz does not provide comprehensive coverage of the contents of this site.

  • because some types of knowledge are difficult to assess by MCQs and
  • because not all of the items that can be assessed by MCQs are included in the database used to generate the questions.

Use the quiz to test your basic histological know-how, know-what and no-where. You should not accept a score below "70% above chance" as a reasonable performance.

If you have selected a large number of subject areas it may occasionally take a few seconds for the question to be set.

Try to test your active knowledge, i.e. try to think about a correct answer before you look at the options shown on the screen.

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