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Here you find the links to the combined lecture and lab notes and a short description of how the pages work.

last updated: 07/08/09

Changes to the WEB pages will be announced on this page. The page also contains my contact details and e-mail address.

MCQ Quiz

Multiple choice questions set by the quiz engine test your ability to recognize cells, tissues, organs and histological features. You can select individual subject areas for the quiz and combine them freely. There is also some coverage of theory and function, but it is not yet comprehensive.

SAQ Quiz

Here you can test your active knowledge, i.e. you have to come up with an answer without "having your pick" like in MCQs. It is a little more challenging, not just for you but also for me. Questions are now available for all tissues, organs and systems. For some areas only a few questions are available but more will come ..... sometime

Large Images

The page provides access to about 440 large images of almost all slides you will be studying. Most of what is visible in the slides under the microscope will also be visible in these images.
The page is seachable by topic, stain, keyword or magnification and allows an optional thumbnail preview.


This page lists the textbooks I used for the preparation of these pages and briefly comments on some of the books.


35 simulations explain and let you use the main functions of a teaching microscope. A fair selection of tissues and organs is available for a little on-line microscopy. It is not a real virtual microscope, but it functions better than virtual socks and is marginally less boring. These pages may be phased out soon. Let me know if you need them.
The VScope also contains a brief introduction to Stereology, i.e. methods to perform measurements in histological sections, and two online exercises of commonly used stereological methods - the Cavalieri Estimator and the optical disector / fractionator.


This page contains a short, annotated list of other Histology WEB sites.


Do you want to use materials from this site? You can do almost everything you like.


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